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      Whitgift Almshouses Details

      Nominally speaking, the Whitgift Almshouses are simply an elaborate retirement home for elderly people looking to spend their old age in luxury, enjoying the natural beauty of Croydon. The attraction, however, holds its own interest for other locals and visitors to the United Kingdom who are interested in the countrys often colorful history and heritage. The Whitgift Almshouses are an establishment with a history that surpasses its current usage to become something worthy of examination by the public at large.The buildings that make up the Whitgift Almshouses are some four centuries old, and although they are situated within the busy city of Croydon, offer some of the nicest examples of natural beauty to be had in the region, with lush, well-maintained lawns and picturesque views that instill one with a sense of peace and serenity. The houses are also marvelous examples of ancient architecture, dating back to the 16th century, and standing mostly unaffected since then.

      Address: North End, London CR9 1SS, Croydon, United Kingdom