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    Hillingdon Cycle Race Circuit Details

    Throughout the city of Hayes, one sport reigns supreme, and thats cycling. The city is home to the Archer Road Club, which has produced world class cycling athletes on the local, World, National, and Olympics levels of competition. Dedicated to their sport with a passion that borders on obsession, this group meets monthly at the Hayes Hillingdon Cycle Race Circuit to do what they do best.Every year, the club participates in the Archer Grand Prix, one of Britains most famous bike races, which has been ongoing for over 50 years. The race circuit is one of the most popular in the region as well, offering the best and most well-maintained track to be had and is frequently being sought after by all the areas many cycling clubs who want to make use of it. Visitors to the area who stop by might witness an exciting cycle race, or at the very least can visit the club headquarters to get an idea of what all the local fever is about.

    Address: Springfield Road, Greater London UB4 0, United Kingdom