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    Lampton Park Details

    When one is visiting Hounslow, well known for its steam museum and involvement in Londons industrial revolution, one hardly thinks about the natural beauty that the area can still offer. Serving as a pleasant reminder is the Lampton Park, just outside of Hounslow, next to the civic center. The Lampton Park features many different attractions that are bound to appeal to the Hounslow tourist who is looking for a break from the hustle and bustle typical of bigger cities.The park includes a nature area where visitors can take a relaxing stroll across well-kept lawns and enjoy the local wildlife as well as beautiful plant life, including many different types of flowering bushes and tress. There are tennis courts and miniature golf areas on site for the more active tourist, as well as a large playground for kids which features many means of play, such as a large slide, a carousel, and traditional swing sets.

    Address: Hounslow, Greater London, United Kingdom