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    London is the capital of the United Kingdom. Once upon a time, and thanks to the huge expansion of the British Empire, this city had the rare honour of being the capital of a quarter of the earth's surface. The sun may have finally set on the British Empire but London continues to bask in this legacy. Today it is still the wealthiest and most populated city in Europe and offers visitor an endless amount of luxury accommodation. The ethnic diversity of London is one of a kind in the world: a common Londoner can be of any origin - English, African, Indian... Since this city is a global destination with an array of world-class entertainment and business facilities, the need for cheap hotels in London city centre is always growing. London is also the residence of the British monarchy and houses the countrys Parliament. The importance of this city can be reflected in the fact that political turmoil and economic upheavals have historically been powerful enough to affect the rest of the world! Tourists flocking to visit such iconic historical landmarks as Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey are always searching for a hotel in London that will offer them a warm welcome with high-quality service and the best rates. The famous London Underground service makes sure you that you are never far away from the greenery of Hyde Park or the bustle of Oxford Street and its many shopping opportunities. Visiting the sights of Soho, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Buckingham Palace and Regent Street becomes therefore very easy. Come and enjoy everything London has to offer. Search for your perfect london hotel deals and start your citytrip now.