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    Social Media Strategies Summit Details

    Social Media Strategies Summit returns for another exciting installment of this unmissable event. SMSS is an essential feature in the calendar of Marketing and Branding Officers, Business Owners, and personnel involved in media presence and sales, marketing, and public relations. Taking part in this event means you can learn about optimizing your companys Facebook profile and activity, optimizing your website for search engine ranking, increasing your potency in word of mouth marketing, raising your effectiveness on social media platforms, and much more.

    The Social Media Strategies Summit focuses chiefly on community engagement, company branding and marketing, but also covers wider areas including strategy development and implementation, public relations, monitoring and media sales. The conference is applicable to a wide range of industries, with six industry-specific threads running in parallel. These strands follow certain topics: Corporate Case Studies; Community Engagement and Customer Service; Analytics & Measurements; Sales Approach; Legal Risks & Strategies; and Marketing Strategies & Tactics. A full schedule and comprehensive program ensures a high attendance level to this event.