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          There are so many beautiful cities in the U.K. to visit on vacation that it may be hard to choose which one to see. The countryside in England may be some of the nicest but they also have great cities as well. The city of Manchester in England is one of the nicest in all of England, and is where many wonderful sights are located that one would like to visit.The town has many wonderful buildings with stunning architecture and interesting histories. Believe it or not one of the nicest buildings in the whole city is the building for the Town Hall. The Manchester Town Hall building is definitely one of the ones you must see on your visit there, along with all the other ones located within a very reasonable walking range from the town hall. Have fun planning your next European vacation and be sure to stay in Manchester.

          Address: Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, Lancashire M60 2LA, United Kingdom

          Opened: 1868

          Phone: +44 161 234 5000

          Architect: Alfred Waterhouse