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Stockbridges quaint row houses and picturesque main street are likely to look very familiar to visitors here with a penchant for Doctor Who Magazine. The small town in Hampshire has served as the inspiration for several comic-style stories in the magazine. Situated on the banks of the Test river in the valley of the same name, Stockbridge isnt a bustling metropolis, but it does offer visitors plenty to see and do.Discount hotels in Stockbridge on, are situated perfectly so visitors can take in all the sights. The towns history dates back well into the 1100s as is evidenced by the many old structures found here. The towns St. Peters Church, for example, dates back to the 12th century. Other attractions here include the Museum of Army Flying, the Houghton Lodge Gardens and the nearby earthworks of Woolbury, Danebury and Meon Hill. When budget hotels in Stockbridge, United Kingdom, are required, can accommodate.