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    Bishop's Stortford is situated approximately midway between London and Cambridge on the edge of East Hertfordshire's border. Bishop's Stortford has many sports facilities, including the Grange Paddocks Pool & Gym and various leagues are based in the town. Located in the town centre is Anchor Street Entertainment, a multiplex which hosts an Empire cinema, a Bowling alley with a bar and arcade, Cannon's Health Club. There are also nightlife-spots in Bishop's Stortford including a Chicago Rock Cafe, a couple of nightclubs; Flaunt and JR's and an over 22's club called The Attic. There is also the Terrace wine bar, open during the summer months. The Rhodes Arts Complex benefited from a lottery grant in 2006 and is now the main venue for live music and theatre. In early 2007, Cluzion Music was set up to host a monthly Jazz Club in Bishop's Stortford. The Cluzion Jazz Club is hosted by local Jazz pianist Peter Lemer and displays phenomenal musicianship in all degrees of Jazz. For an experience of jazz over a weekend, Bishops Stortford is the ideal place to go. Enjoy its soulful music while enjoying the friendly accommodations of Bishops Stortford Hotels. Hotels in Bishops Stortford are immersed in the sound of the jazz music. Plan the trip with a light pocket and avail of the many discount hotels Bishops Stortford offers to smart tourists. Get an advance booking for Bishops Stortford cheap hotels with no difficulty through