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Hereford is a city in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. Visitors staying in budget hotels in Hereford have an opportunity to see one of the most extraordinary relics in England, the Mappa Mundi. This 13th century map, housed in Hereford Cathedral, is a national treasure. It depicts the world in biblical terms, with Jerusalem at the center. The cathedral dates back to the 11th century and shows many architectural styles, from Romanesque to Victorian. In addition to the Mappa Mundi, the cathedral also houses the worlds largest surviving Chained Library. The 1500 rare books are literally chained to the shelves to prevent theft. The priceless collection includes a 1217 copy of the revised Magna Carta and the 8th century Hereford Gospels. The rare books are not always on display, but their story is told through models and computer technology.If you book into a discount hotel in Hereford in August, you might have an opportunity to attend the Three Choirs Festival the Hereford Cathedral hosts every three years with choirs from the cathedrals in Gloucester and Worcester. Once you have seen the cathedral, go to the 17th century Old House, a wonderful black and white wooden structure with exquisite carvings. The Hereford Museum and Art Gallery has a Roman Mosaic and some hands-on antiques and costumes that children love. The Cider Museum and King Offa Distillery tells the story of English cider-making, and provides samples of good English cider.