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Waltham Cross Details

Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire is a really lovely little English town which welcomes visitors with open arms and is a fabulous place to experience the quieter side of English life. The town itself is quite historic, but it is very much a place that is at home in the 20th Century: after all, this is where Victoria Beckham comes from. There is lots to experience in Waltham Cross and one of the nicest walks you can have is to go along the canal-side at Waltham Town Lock, which in summer is full of canal boats. You should also have a look at the medieval Eleanor Cross, there were three, but now only one survives.The market at Waltham Cross is well worth a visit and the whole town is great for shopping. You can even take a trip to London for the day and then come home to peaceful Waltham Cross at night. Hotel rooms are quite plentiful and prices range from relatively cheap to fairly expensive. But you don’t have to panic about getting a hotel room in Waltham Cross, because has it all here for you to choose a hotel that is just what you want, for the price that you want.