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Discount hotels in Ware put vacationers in a town with a queenly past. This small city in Hertfordshire served as the location of Lady Jane Greys rise to regal supremacy in 1553. Unfortunately, the lady only reigned for a mere nine days. While royal ties lend intrigue to Ware, the citys history dates much further into the past. Ware is said to have served as a settlement since the Mesolithic period. The Romans also made their mark here, building homes, a temple and even two cemeteries.Visitors who select to stay in budget hotels from in Ware will find themselves situated just to the west of the Prime Meridian. The town is located along the Lea river and is home to a number of unique sights, including Scotts Grotto, which features elaborate flint and shell decorations. Other attractions here include the Ware Museum and the Ware Priory, which dates to the 1300s. Rye Meads Nature Reserve is also located within close proximity to Ware.