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Kyle, or to give it its full name, Kyle of Lochalsh is located on the far north west of Scotland. It is a magical place. To get there is not the easiest thing in the world, because it is so remote, but once there you probably will not want to leave again. It feels very different from almost anywhere else in the world. Here you don’t find McDonald’s and fast food outlets. All you see is tranquillity (unless the wind is up) as well as some very dramatic coastal scenery. Walking is great around this area and you may walk for ages and not see another car or indeed a person, sometimes you cannot even see another house. There is a marina where you may be able to take a trip out in a boat and see the village from the sea.You should also take the bridge over to Skye and see what life there is like. But one thing that you have to do in Kyle of Lochalsh is to simply take time out: you have to relax in a place like this. can make the whole matter of relaxing just that little bit easier, since will sort out your hotel room in an instant, even if you are on a really tight budget or you are very particular about your room. Then just close your eyes and dream of the Kyle of Lochalsh.