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The lovely town of Nethy Bridge is situated just between Aviemore and Grantown by the Scotland highlands. Its a perfect center where you may enjoy the picturesque countryside and relax in what nature has to offer. In spite of being a suburb town, tourists find a lot of things to do here. The River Spey is an attraction in itself. Here you can enjoy salmon and trout fishing. The Abernethy Forest offers acres of greenery for you to discover. The bridge, Nethy Bridge, can be found in the center of the city and exudes Telford architecture. Discover the simplest and oldest fortress in the region in the 13th century Castle Roy.More sites to see and things to do await you on a weekend Nethy Bridge has to offer. Whats great is that you can find cheap Nethy Bridge hotels in town as well. Search for such Nethy Bridge hotels with the use of You can find different types of hotels in Nethy Bridge even discount hotels Nethy Bridge features.