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    The city of Dover is full of history and it has many interesting places to visit during the weekend. Dover Castle is one of the historical structures that offer a great viewpoint. From the castle, youll see the Dover Beach and the town thats near to it. Roman Mansio is a notable place to visit. This was used as a resting place for some of the Roman Authorities as early as the year 200. If youre interested in military history, then you should visit Fort Burgoyne. This seemingly fortified castle was built in the middle of the 19th century. Dover hotels are mostly found along the beaches. Since the town is close to the harbor and the golden sanded beach is inviting, hotels in Dover are usually packed every summer. Tourists from all over the region come here to find a spot under the sun. The Dover cheap hotels are usually the ones that are very popular among tourists, but aside from discount hotels, Dover accommodation can be as pricey with the corresponding amenity. You can find these hotels in