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The town of Coalville is in Leicestershire in the United Kingdom. Coal has been mined here since before medieval times. Tourists staying in discount hotels in Coalville can still see the craters where feudal villagers dug out the allotments of coal their lords allowed them. It was primitive, open-pit mining. Not until the Industrial Revolution were shafts sunk deep into the ground. Visitors can now learn all about those hard coal mining days in the Snibston Discovery Museum. This award winning museum is built on the site of a colliery. The complex includes old colliery buildings, the Century Theatre, and a 100 acre park and nature reserve. Visitors can actually go into a coal mine. There are some great interactive exhibits, as well as a mining-themed playground for children.Another attraction in Coalville is the Donington le Heath Manor House Museum. This museum is centered on a 13th century manor house that still has some of its original timbers. It was renovated in the 17th century. Here you can see what life was like in medieval times and learn some of Leicestershires history. One of the former owners, Sir Everard Digby, was a friend of Guy Fawkes and was executed in 1606 for his part in the Gunpowder Plot. Now every November there is a Gunpowder Plot event at the museum. An Apple Day is held every October. Medieval Banquets are held here throughout the year. For information on cheap hotels in Coalville and vicinity check the listings at