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          Abbey Park Details

          One of the most beautiful attractions in the Leicester area is the famous Abbey Park, located just north of the citys busy center. This location makes it accessible to anyone who wants to visit, while still secluded enough to remain a peaceful, detached atmosphere that calms and purifies the mind of anyone who gives it a chance. The park is split into two halves by the River Soar, with one side being a traditional Victorian evergreen park and the other being devoted to old structures and gardens.The structures found within the park include the remnants of the ruined Leicester Abbey, dating back to the 12th century, as well as those of Cavendish House, a once-ornate mansion. The park spans an impressive 57 acres with plenty of woodlands and nature trails, so even though its located right in the heart of the city, its still entirely possible to get away from it all by paying a visit to Leicester Abbey Park.

          Address: Abbey Park Road, Leicester LE4 5AQ, United Kingdom