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          One of the most readily identifiable landmarks of the Leicester cityscape, the Leicester Clock Tower is one sight in the city that a visitor just couldnt miss. All of Leicesters five main streets (Gallowtree Gate, Humberstone Gate, Belgrave Gate, Church Gate, and High Street) meet at a single junction within the heart of the city, and its here that the Clock Tower can be found in all its glory. In fact, its so unmistakable that its frequently cited as the most popular meeting place in the entire city.The Clock Tower of Leicester has officially been established as a memorial and as such has protection against demolition, though this didn't stop a recent hoax from being perpetrated wherein unsuspecting citizens were informed of plans to demolish the tower that didn't in fact exist. There are, however, plans underway to reroute local roads for the sake of converting the area around the clock tower to an open square, such as those that might be found in major cosmopolitan areas.

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