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          The Jewry Wall of Leicester is a monument famous for its architectural majesty and its historical significance. It is one of two surviving pieces of Roman architecture in the country. It once served as the wall of a public bath that has long since fallen into ruin, though their foundations are still very much evident and are considered an attraction right along with the wall itself.The Jewry Wall, despite its name, has nothing to do with the Jewish community of Leicester. However, there is no real definitive consensus regarding just where the name originates from. The Wall also features a Museum that tourists can visit which talks all about the ancient history of Leicester and explains the true significance of the wall and its surrounding foundation stones. Visitors should be certain to stop and take a look at the mosaics which adorn the wall as well, a classic example of Roman artwork of the time.

          Address: 156-160 Saint Nicholas Circle, Leicester LE1 4LB, United Kingdom

          Phone: +44 116 225 4971