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        Going on a European vacation is a very exciting prospect for anyone who has never been over there. The many different countries and cities offer you anything you could possibly want to do while there. If visiting an exciting amusement park is anywhere on your list of things to do in Europe than visiting the U.K. is exactly what you should do. The U.K. has many different and fun parks to visit, however one of the most exciting of them all is an amusement park called Pleasureland.

        Pleasureland is filled with many great attractions like the Zykoln Loop rollercoaster and different rides of varying types. This new Pleasureland was opened this year after a period of time being closed. The new owners are continually making progress in perfecting the newly opened park. Pleasureland in Southport is one of the amusement parks you definitely need to visit on your vacation to the U.K.

        Address: Marine Drive, Southport PR8 1RX, United Kingdom

        Phone: +44 1704 532717