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      Cairnpaple Hill is one of Scotlands most valuable and important prehistoric monuments. This site is a must see for all would be historians as its dates back to some of the earliest settlements in the UK. If you are an avid walker than this offers some of the best walking pathways in our around Edinburgh and views from the top of the hill are some of the nicest you will get of east central Scotland.The monument is one of mainland Scotland's most valuable sites and was originally used by early settlers as a ceremonial and burial site. Early settlers used the site between about 3000 and 1400 BC, making the hill one of the oldest human built historical structures in the UK. Its best to give yourself two hours to walk up the hill and enjoy the stunning views, before going and enjoying one of Edinburghs cafes or pubs.

      Address: Cairnpapple Hill, Bathgate, Scotland, United Kingdom

      Phone: +44 1506 634622