Hotels in Crichton Castle

      Crichton Castle Details

      Crichton Castle is a large and imposing structure with amazing Italian style stoned worked on the façade. Much of the stone work was carried out between 1581 and 1591 by the Earl of Bothwell following a visit he made to Italy. He was very inspired by the Renaissance style of stonework in Italy, the result of which is still visible on the castle walls. Mary Queen of Scots once visited the castle to attend a wedding.Access to the castle depends on each individuals mobility. While the courtyard is fully accessible the cellar has steep stairs leading into it making it more difficult to visit. However the carved stonework around the fireplaces and doorways throughout the castle are well worth going to see and offer a unique opportunity into some of Scotlands finest stonework. The castle does provide parking however in wet weather the road leading to the castle is prone to flooding.

      Address: Off Colegate Road, Pathhead EH37 5XA, Scotland