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The historic town of Wymondham is in Norfolk in the United Kingdom. It is 14 kilometers (9 miles) southwest of the city of Norwich. This towns most famous son was Robert Kett, who led a doomed rebellion against the king in 1549. Visitors in discount hotels in Wymondham can still see the tree called Ketts Oak, which was allegedly a rallying point for the insurrection. They can also see Mousehold Heath, where the rebel army camped. Kett lost his revolt and was hanged from the walls of Norwich Castle. His brother William was hanged at Wymondham Abbey. Kett is nonetheless a local hero. Which points of interest you may want to see, you can save money by booking your hotel in Wymondham at the best rates on Abbey is a popular attraction. It dates back to 1107. Later, the abbey dedicated a chapel to Thomas Becket after he was murdered by Henry IIs knights. A series of pictures tells the story of Beckets life. The abbeys two towers are a landmark for miles around. Also of interest is the Wymondham Heritage Museum. It is housed in a building called the Bridewell which was a prison until 1827. Then it was used as a womens correctional center, a police station and a courthouse. From your budget hotel in Wymondham you can easily visit Norwich. There you can see the 11th century Norwich Cathedral, the 12th century castle, and the 15th century Church of St. Peter Mancroft. You can also see a small museum dedicated to the famous Colmans mustard, which has been made in Norwich since 1814.