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The historic community of Knaresborough is in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Guests in budget hotels in Knaresborough may be interested to know that this place has a connection to one of the most notorious murders in English history. It was to Knaresborough that King Henry IIs knights fled after they butchered Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. This was also the place where King Richard II was held before he was taken to Pontefract where he was murdered in 1400.In Knaresborough you have a spectacular view of the River Nidds limestone gorge. On a rocky crag above the town are the ruins of a Norman castle. It was destroyed on the orders of Oliver Cromwell, but the keep is still there and you can go into the spooky old escape tunnel. The Old Courthouse Museum has an original Tudor Court as well as displays on local history and the English Civil War. If youre staying in a discount hotel in Knaresborough, be sure to see the 18th century pharmacists shop that is the oldest in England. You can visit Blind Jacks Pub, named for John Metcalf who, in spite of his handicap, became a famous engineer. Mother Shiptons Cave was once home to a 16th century soothsayer who predicted the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the Great Fire of London and the two world wars. At the Petrifying Well, dripping lime-water coats anything soaked in it hats, clothing, toys in a veneer that solidifies in a few weeks. You can save some money by booking a room in one of the cheap Knaresborough hotels on