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    Pickering is a small community of fewer than 7000 people in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Visitors who come to discount hotels in Pickering, an old market town, usually do so because it is a good base from which to explore the Eastern Moors. But no one should leave town without first visiting Pickering Castle. This stronghold was founded by William the Conqueror and then expanded by later monarchs. It fits the fairy tale image of what a castle should be, and the hilltop site offers a great view of the surrounding countryside.Anyone who comes to Pickering must experience the fabulous North Yorkshire Moors Railway. This privately operated tour takes visitors on an 18 mile trip through lovely countryside to the village of Grosmont. The old steam locomotives have been expertly restored, and the passenger cars gleam with polished brass and bright paintwork. The trip is a railroad buffs dream. At a nearby isolated stone village called Danby you can visit the Danby Beacon, which has a stunning 360 degree view of the moors. The local Duke of Wellington Pub was once a recruitment center during the Napoleonic Wars. For information on cheap hotels in Pickering and vicinity, please check the listings at