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    Perus glorious south is the heartland of Afro-Peruvian music Creole culture and the center of Peruvian wine growing. In fact, this is the best place to sample Perus national drink the Pisco Sour. There are plenty of distilleries in Ica that will show visitors how the brandy is made and offer tastings. Ica is also home to the Regional Museum of Ica (Museo Regional de Ica), which has some fascinating exhibits which include ancient pre-Columbian mummies with strange elongated heads that show evidence of trepanning. There is also ornate Spanish colonial furniture, art and artifacts on display. Ica is famous for its vast sand dunes and the desert oasis of Huacachina. International and Peruvian tourists are drawn to Huacachina for its activities such as sand boarding and bugging as well as the beautiful palm lined desert lagoon.About 30 kilometers from Ica city in the Ocucaje Desert are fossils of whales bones that are millions of years old. There are tours that can be arranged to introduce visitors to the fascinating fossils. History of human settlement of the area around Ica dates back 10,000 years. Ica is famous for one of the manifestations of this ancient settlement, the mysterious Nasca Lines, which are huge lines etched into the countryside and only visible from high viewing platforms or from the air. These are a must see experience and one of the big three attractions in Peru today.