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Alnmouth Details

Just of the A1068 road is the village of Alnmouth in the Northumberland region of England. It is just four miles from the town of Alnwick, situated on the River Aln. This location made it an important port for grain trading through most of its history, and a number of granaries, or their remains, can be found throughout the countryside. A violent storm in 1806 changed the river’s course, effectively destroying the town’s trade. Several of the granaries were made into houses after that.Today, the town attracts tourists because of its coastal area and its beauty. However, golf enthusiasts may want to visit because the second oldest golf course in England is found here. The village was also chosen by the Duke of Northumberland to be a weather station in 1860. The barometer he installed is still in the window of a cottage on the main street. Ask your budget hotel staff to point out the right cottage so you can take a look.