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          Nottingham Castle Details

          There are many wonderful homes and castles in the great countries in the U.K. that are a perfect sight for anyone going there for their next vacation to visit. One of the best towns to visit there, if you enjoy seeing old castles and homes is the great town of Nottingham. This lovely town is home to the famous Nottingham castle which is a stunning sight that you simply must see when you are here for holiday.The Nottingham Castle is conveniently located at a perfect commanding position with astounding 130 foot cliffs to the castles south and west sides. This castle is definitely something you need to go and see, and is surely a sight you will be coming back on vacation to England to see again, and it is also a grand sight that you will be telling your friends about long after you return from your trip.

          Address: Casple Place, Nottingham NG1 6EL, United Kingdom

          Phone: +44 115 915 5555

          Open hours: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm