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      Bath is an attractive city in Somerset, which is in the south west of England. It was founded due to the natural hot springs of the region, and the Romans built extensive baths here to make use of them, giving the town its name. It wasnt until Georgian times that the town became a popular spa resort, and it still has this use, drawing many tourists throughout the year. It is also a World Heritage Site, after having gained this status in 1987. can help you to choose from the large number of cheap hotels in bath, to make sure that you find the right hotel for your visit. When you are in Bath, make sure that you visit the fantastic Roman Baths and Bath Abbey, as well as the more recent Thermae Bath Spa, all of which are important tourist sites. You can take an open-top bus tour through the city, and enjoy over 100 different restaurants and over 80 hotels to choose from.