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      Stirling is located almost in between Edinburgh and Glasgow, in the heart of Scotland. It is a very historic town and one that is rightly proud of the role it has played in Scottish history. Stirling Castle is a very dominant landmark in Stirling, and somehow seems to keep an eye on what is happening outside of the city as it sits there proudly intimidating the landscape. You don’t have to go into the Castle to get some stunning views of the city: if you climb to the top of the Top of the Town (an area in Stirling) you get a really wonderful view of the area.The Church of the Holy Rood which translates as the Church of the Holy Cross, is also a very historic Church. It is one of only two churches in the UK that have witnessed a coronation (the other being Westminster Abbey). The Wallace Monument, a tribute to William Wallace, the famous Scottish ‘freedom fighter’ is also an iconic image of Stirling. Hotels in Stirling are quite plentiful, but to avoid any disappointment or if money is a little tight and you are looking for a very good ‘budget’ rate, use to make sure that you get exactly what you want.