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Betchworth Details

Betchworth in Surrey is a very pretty town to visit. It is located on the bank of the very scenic river, the River Mole and a walk along this area is a very relaxing experience. The town itself actually dates back to being mentioned in the Domesday Book, an ancient chronicle (of the 11th Century)of all the land and ownership rights in England. St Michael’s Church in Betchworth was originally built some 900 years ago and although it has been altered and rebuilt over the years it is still very impressive. Betchworth Castle is a very beautiful castle to see and is also a very commanding sight.But in order to get the most from your stay in Betchworth you need to make sure that you arrange a really nice hotel at an affordable rate and that is exactly what will arrange for you, with little effort on your part. So if you are coming to Betchworth for a weekend or for a little bit longer, then trust to ease the strain of finding a good hotel.