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The city of Swansea is known as a historically fascinating place. Archaeological digs that have taken place here revealed artifacts from the Stone Age as well as the Bronze and the Iron Ages. Few structures exist from Swanseas medieval days due to the bombing of World War 2 in 1941. As a coastal region, Swansea has a lovely, temperate climate that is well suited for almost any activity. Attractions in Swansea include the beaches located at Limeslade, Langland, and Caswell that are most often used by swimmers. Swansea Bay is the place to be for any type of water sports. You will want to visit the National Waterfront Museum and the Swansea Museum as well. Swanseas Grand Theater, built in 1887, features opera, ballet, pantomime, and drama. Singleton Park is the site of many concerts throughout the year. Check out the SA1 Waterfront area for great restaurants as well as leisure pursuits. Clyne Gardens, Singleton Park, Plantasia and Victoria Park are just a few attractions that those who appreciate nature will enjoy.