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Northeast of the Warwickshire is where you will find the lovely modern town of Nuneaton. Some of the popular names of Nuneaton are Mary Ann Evans and George Elliot. In fact, a lot of the buildings in Nuneaton are named after them. Here you will find a number of local attractions as well. You can bring the kids at the Nuneaton Carnival for great family fun. The Woodlands of Nuneaton is a beautiful reserve of natural resources. If youd like to hang out with friends, the Attleborogh Chippie is a popular site for that. Check out the Nuneaton Skatepark for those who love to skate or just stroll.Other destinations are waiting when you take advantage of a weekend Nuneaton has to offer. Start by searching for Nuneaton hotels today. Search for hotels in Nuneaton that will fit your budget. helps you find cheap Nuneaton hotels as well as great deals and bargains like discount hotels Nuneaton has to offer.