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Warwick is a very historic town, located as the name suggests in Warwickshire, it is the ‘county town’ and Warwickshire itself is known as Shakespeare’s County. Given its history there is a lot for any visitor to see and do. One of the most spectacular sights is Warwick Castle, which is one of the most impressive castles in England and when you see it you will probably agree. The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum, which takes you through the history of this regiment, from 1674 to the present day is also well worth a visit.Or you can visit the series of quaint half-timber framed houses, all dating back to medieval times. This is known as Lord Leyecster hospital, but you wouldn’t know it today. Another very popular attraction is St John’s House Museum, which is a pretty stunning example of Jacobean architecture. But where do you find a hotel room in Warwick Well that is really simple. All you have to do is use’s straightforward process, to make sure that you get a hotel room that is comfortable and in these difficult times, affordable.