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      Ricoh Arena Details

      Coventry is known for many things, and chief among them their football league and obsession with the popular sport. In line with this, visitors in the area are bound to want to take in a game or two to see the spectacle for themselves first hand. If so, theres no better place to do so than Coventrys own Ricoh Arena, one of the largest sports facilities in the country.

      The Ricoh Arena, however, is more than just football. In addition to shower the 32,000 seat football stadium, there are many other attractions built into the premises, such as an exhibition hall were meetings and conventions are frequently held, a leisure club with shops and restaurants, and even a casino. Even for families where only some of the members are into sports, the Ricoh Arena is a worthwhile stop as theres generally something to do for just about anyone.

      Address: Phoenix Way, Coventry CV6 6GE, United Kingdom

      Phone: +44 844 873 6500