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    The town of Littlehampton is situated by the beach. Every summers weekend, Littlehampton welcomes many visitors who want to sit back and relax on its gray sanded beach. The wide seafront makes it even better for those who want to get some sun tan. Aside from the beach that made the town famous, theres also the East Beach Café. The beautiful interior design of the café offers a most relaxing ambience. You can also rent a boat and enjoy a quiet ride in The Oyster Pond located in front of the magnificent buildings of Littlehampton.The hotels in Littlehampton are mostly found near the shores. Most of the Littlehampton hotels are simple, discount hotels. Littlehampton can be really picturesque especially when bathed in the light of the setting sun. Stay in front of the beach to get a glimpse of this rare view. For the best accommodation, Littlehampton cheap hotels can be found online in