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      Elland Road Details

      Leeds is a city famous for many things, and not the least of them is its rugby and football teams. In line with that, visitors to the city are likely to want to make a stop in at Elland Road, the main rugby and football stadium in the area, where most of the local professional games are played to roaring crowds. Visitors who want to catch a game should take note of local schedules and plan accordingly.

      Those tourists visiting the Stadium should keep a look out for the bronze statue of local football legend Billy Bremmer. This is emblematic of the level of importance that the local population lends to the sport, and is also reflected in the fact that the lease to the Stadium is actually held by the fans themselves. If not everyone in the family is a sports nut, there are plenty of other nearby attractions to keep their interest, such as the Royal Armouries and Lampton Park.

      Address: Elland Road, Leeds LS11 0ES, United Kingdom

      Phone: +44 871 334 1919

      Opened: 1897