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Ossett is a market town in West Yorkshire, which is situated very near to Leeds. This proximity to the large city has led to the growth of the town, and also means that day trips to Leeds can easily be arranged. The town is a very pleasant place to stay, and when you arrive you should certainly take a look at the local market and the flea market, both of which take place twice a week. Ossett is particularly known for the quality of its fish & chips, England’s national dish, and when you stay you should not miss the opportunity to try some.Ossett has a number of hotels on offer, and will make sure that you find a cheap hotel quickly and with the minimum of hassle. Once you arrive in the town, you should try to visit the village of Gawthorpe, which is essentially a suburb of the town, where the World Coal-Carrying Championship is an annual event. It also has a huge water tower that is an impressive landmark of the region. If you like beer, you will certainly want to check out the Ossett Brewery, and the Beer Festival takes place once a year in the town, which is a highlight of the calendar.