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      Westgate Station Details

      Wakefield is a great City in the U.K., which offers a great many things to do and see while in the city. The very best way to get to the city, when visiting the U.K. on your beautiful English vacation, is to take its famous railway. When you are stopping off in Wakefield it is best to come in to Wakefield Westgate Railway Station. This station leads right to Wakefield from London, which is about a two hour of a one hundred and seventy mile ride.Most people use this service to travel to London from Wakefield but when on vacation there you will most likely have flown into London and visited there for a while before making the short trip over to Wakefield, to see all the lovely city has to offer. Be sure to take the extra time to visit this city via the Wakefield Westgate Railway Station.

      Address: Wakefield Westgate, United Kingdom