Hotels in Ross-on-Wye

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Ross-on-Wye Details

Often considered the town that gave rise to British tourism, Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire is graced with a combination of historic buildings, breathtaking natural attractions and unique destinations. Visitors who choose cheap hotels in Ross-on-Wye will find they are ideally located to afford them an opportunity to explore this towns many sights.Located along the banks of the River Wye at the very edge of the Forest of Dean, Ross-on-Wye is considered a market town that has drawn in tourists for hundreds of years. Its major shopping attractions are the many antique stores that line its streets. Tourists who select budget hotels in Ross-on-Wye will also find there are many historic buildings and destinations to take in. St. Marys Church, for example, dates back more than 700 years in the towns history. The churchs Plague Cross was erected in 1637 to memorialize the 300-plus people who fell to the plague. Other attractions here include Market Square, The Prospect garden and nearby Wilton Castle.