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Worcester is a really beautiful small city in the heart of England, towards the south of the Midlands. It is packed full of sights and things to do, with the famous spectacle of Worcester Cathedral being a very popular attraction. This dates back to the 11th Century and is very imposing. But there are other things to see as well. The Fort Royal Park is one of the sites where battles were held in the English Civil War. Perry Wood is another park, woodland area which is where, reputedly, Oliver Cromwell, made a pact with none other than the devil! But for those who like things a little bit more modern, there are lots of bars, cafes and some excellent shops to entertain you. You will enjoy Worcester for sure.Since Worcester is so steeped in history, it can attract many visitors, which makes hotels harder to book, particularly at short notice. They can often be quite expensive. But will take you through the whole process, even if you want a pretty affordable hotel and make sure that you get the best hotel deal for your money.