Hotels in Benson

Benson Details will aid you in finding affordable hotels in Benson, Arizona. You may wish to visit the Amerind Foundation, which is an archeological Museum and research center. You can also take a walking tour in the Benson Historic District. You can also visit the Holy Trinity Monastery, which offers a museum and an oriental garden. There is also a bird sanctuary on the grounds. Many people come for the outdoor activities found in and around Benson. The Kartchner Caverns State Park is one of those attractions. You can explore these caverns.When visiting Benson, do check out the Astronomer's Inn Vega-Bray Observatory, which overlooks the San Pedro River Valley. The observatory hosts eight, large telescopes you can look into. The Gammons Gulch Ghost Town Movie Set is also worth the visit. Here, you can visit the 1890's Town and Mining Camp that had a design to be a traditional Wild West town. With many great discount hotels in Benson, Arizona, there is no reason not to visit.