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Chinle, Arizona is a small community that is at the heart of the Navajo Reservation. The city is so small; it only has one stop light in it. The surrounding communities are also small and mostly agricultural. The city is so small there are only a few shopping centers and gas stations throughout it. Still, this small town feel is something that attracts people to the region. You can find a few discount hotels in Chinle, Arizona to stay at when you visit.Perhaps the most interesting of things to do in Chinle, Arizona is to visit the Canyon De Chelly national Monument. It provides an outstanding history of the region, dating back prior to the founding of the country. The Chinle Municipal Airport, though small, is also readily available to visit. Located nearby is the Ancient Four Corners Ruins, where some Anasazi ruins are still located. You can also explore the Navajoland, which is an open area that is under the Navajo Nation region. Explore the options in budget hotels in Chinle, Arizona as well.