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When you stay in a discount hotel in Page, Arizona, you know that you will be staying in a relatively modern hotel. The town wasnt built until 1957 when homes were needed for all of the workers and their families who were building the Glen Canyon Dam. The land that the town now sits on was procured by making a land exchange with the Navajo Indians. Staying in a budget hotel in Page, Arizona means that you will be staying on property that was once part of the Navajo nation.The Glen Canyon Dam was built on the Colorado River, which is a popular attraction for recreation in the area. Of course, Page is also visited by many tourists because it is the entrance to Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Over 3 million people visit these spots each year. If you are a film fan, be sure to locate the areas in Page where dozens of box office smashes have been filmed, including Into the Wild, Hulk, Planet of the Apes, Maverick, and Superman III.