Hotels in Tombstone

    Tombstone Details

    Tombstone, Arizona is a picturesque, old mining camp. It is the "Town Too Tough To Die" as the locals call it. allows you to find cheap hotels in Tombstone, Arizona for you to stay. The city was a fort, established in 1877. The city has notoriety as a true example of an 1880 western city; wish has preservation with original buildings, many of them dating back to the founding of the city. Artifacts are in them just as old, too. This makes Tombstone the ideal location for history buff visitors.Visit the area of Fremont, 6th Street, 3rd Street and Toughnut to find many of the older buildings. One there is the Episcopal Church, which dates back to 1882. The Crystal Palace Saloon is there as well. It was one of the most luxurious of saloons of its day. Visit a still in use print shop called the Tombstone Epitaph. To stay nearby, select some of the budget hotels in Tombstone, Arizona.