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    The name Texarkana is a combination of the names ‘Texas’ and ‘Arkansas.’ The city of Texarkana straddles the state line between these two states, and the dividing line is State Line Avenue. The name actually originated from an abbreviation of these two states and Louisiana (ANA), because the surveyors thought the city would cross all three. When you book your budget hotel in Texarkana, just make sure you know which side of the border you’re booking in.For reasons that are not entirely clear or agreed upon, the town of Texarkana has become known for ghost stories and other mysteries involving ghoulish villains. The Phantom Killer was the serial killer who killed five people in 1946. The killer was never caught, the killings stopped as suddenly as they started, and the police files mysteriously disappeared. As of 2006, the case was still open and unsolved, and legend says that the killer will return someday to kill again. In the area of Boggy Creek, there have supposedly been sightings of a bigfoot type monster. The legend has been made into a series of films that were not very commercially successful.