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The small city of Calexico, California, is in Imperial County. It is right across the international border from Mexicali, Mexico. This is a very busy border crossing point, with thousands of vehicles passing through every day. Travelers going to and from Mexico often stop to rest at discount hotels in Calexico. This is certainly an option worth considering when exceptionally heavy traffic has the border crossing clogged.Besides being next door to Mexico, Calexico has its own attractions. It is a small town surrounded by country that is great for hiking, hunting and fishing. There is excellent golfing here, and the town is within easy reach of several lovely beaches. For those who love shopping there is the Flowers Mall. In the Imperial Valley just outside of town you can see the famous Imperial Sand Dunes. This 40-mile-long, five-mile-wide system of dunes is the largest mass of sand dunes in California. Some of the scenes of the original Star Wars movie were shot here. The section called the Algodones Dunes Wilderness is closed to motor vehicles, but is accessible by hiking or horseback. Guests staying in budget hotels in Calexico take advantage of great shopping opportunities in Mexicali. Many stores on the Mexican side are close to the border. Mexican pharmacies sell prescription medications at bargain prices. Every March 25 Calexico holds a Mariachi Festival.