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If youve ever been interested in the gold rushthat legendary exodus west to California in the mid-1800syou should be aware of Jamestown, California. Its easy to get lost in all the possibilities of what to do and where to visit, so a good place to start is with choosing your hotel. Jamestown is a prominent city from the California gold rush, and this historic flavor is captured by one of the longest-running hotels in the area, the 1859 Historic National Hotel. Its an affordable country inn dating back to 1859, and its an excellent start to your exploration of the gold country. This hotel and many other cheap hotels in Jamestown double as great backdrops for romantic getaways.From the 1859 Historical National Hotel, you can quickly find close attractions like the unique and gorgeous Yosemite National Park. What better place to start your gold rush adventure than at an acclaimed restaurant, saloon, and hotel dating back to the 1850s This is a fun way to get you in the mood for the Old West. Consider making Jamestown one of your next destinations by letting help you find one of the best discount hotels in Jamestown.