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When you are traveling up the Pacific Coast of California, youll probably be making a few stops along the way. Consider a stay in a budget hotel in San Simeon, California. has cheap hotels in San Simeon for the traveler on a budget, and more. The city is conveniently located on Route 1, about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Those cities are too far to visit in a day trip from your discount San Simeon hotel, but with about 230 miles to drive to get to either city, San Simeon does make a great stopover.You wont be in San Simeon long before hearing the name William Randolph Hearst. He built an incredible mansion on a hilltop in San Simeon in the early 20th century. Until he died in 1957, the mansion was a gathering place for many of the worlds rich and famous. Upon his death, Mr. Hearst left the property to the state of California so that today tourists can visit the property. The property is referred to as Hearst Castle or the Hearst State Historical Monument at San Simeon. Besides the house and the grounds, the complex also contains the National Geographic Theater. It has a five-story movie screen and shows a documentary on William Hearst as well as some other documentaries on history and nature.