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    Sitting in the Tehachapi Mountains between the towns of Mojave and Bakersfield, you will find several available budget hotels in Tehachapi, California. The town has one interesting major site the California Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison. However, its more likely that an institution you might be visiting the city for is Edwards Air Force Base, which brings a number of travelers to the discount hotels in Tehachapi, California.The area around Tehachapi is a favorite with gliding enthusiasts. The Tehachapi Mountains and Tehachapi Pass offer excellent hiking and climbing opportunities as well. One unusual attraction is the National Chavez Center, which depicts the history of the United Farm Workers organization. In downtown Tehachapi, look for the Beekay Theater. It has had a number of different looks, though in 2009 it was restored to the original Art Deco façade and is considered a landmark in the town. Other sites you might want to visit include the Tehachapi Loop and the Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm.