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The city of Tulare is located in the county of the same name in the state of California. There are about 56,000 people who live in the town, which was named for the now dry Tulare Lake. It was once the largest freshwater lake in the western United States. If you are planning to visit the town in February, start looking for your budget hotel in Tulare months ahead of time on The town hosts the World Ag Expo each winter, the largest agricultural trade show in the world. Discount hotels in Tulare, and all other hotels for that matter, book up months in advance.If you want to learn why the lake was drained and other interesting information about Tulare, visit the Tulare City Historical Museum. It has been named as one of the best museums in small towns in California. In September, you can enjoy some classic American traditions at the Tulare County Fair. Or visit Sequoia National Park about 45 minutes away. Of course, no one leaves Tulare without noticing the Tulare Water Tower, which you might have mistaken as a giant glass of milk at first glance. The design is meant to acknowledge the importance of dairy farming to the town's economy.